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Mute is a mystery game about Love, Brotherhood and Tragedy, where you have to explore an open world wilderness in search of your missing brother.

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You begin the game as Jeff, on a journey to find your missing brother Steve, who disappeared after going on a hiking trip… The story leads you to play the game as five different characters over a span of 100 years. It’s up to you to solve the mystery; what happened to Steve?



Open and free to explore. You journey will take you through 16sq Kilometers (6sq Miles) of treacherous terrain from vast deserts, mountains, and caves to canyons, forests, and other secret locations. You will find yourself in stunning locations inspired by places such as Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Yellow Stone Park. Prepare to come face to face with vicious wolves, mountain lions, bears, snakes and other wild creatures.


Game Play

The wilderness can see, hear and smell you. Don’t get eaten. Don’t break your neck. Your survival depends on your self-preservation. Watch your every step and choose your battles wisely.

Welcome to the wilderness, Jeff.



Play as 5 different characters


Wild life can see, hear and smell


16sq Km (6sq Mi) of explorable open world

Play through two eras 1880s & 1970s

Nonlinear narrative

Desert, mountains, canyons and more



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  • Denis Garifullin

    of all the games that I have seen on Unity created this the most impressive

  • Mr.Sandvich

    Hello! Mr.Sandvich (saNdviCh) Hhere! People are veryy anxious for this game! Pplus this looks so fun! Maybee I can be a Beta Ttester! (I’m totally kidding)! Is therre weather in Mute? Like raain, liightning, or maybe dust devils! Or tiny sanndstorms! xD (Double Letters Once Again! :D You guys are awesome! Good luck! Can I donate money in anyway?)

  • MatthiasSchuchard

    This looks massive! Especially your landscapes are really impressive. Looking forward to trying it out!

  • RGBird Games

    Hype train whooo whooo!!! All replies sent to your Steam account Mr.Sandvich, thanks for your support! <3

  • Guest

    Hey, it’s your friend Mr.Sandvich, howw you guys doing? I hhope theree is nno troubles iin game making. Ssometimes I tthink about thhe gamee and how cool it’s ggoing to be. The picture with the beaar looks awesomme and also the picture with the creepy girl also looks aweesome. It’s ggreat hoow you used Uniity, nnow-a-days most ggood games aren’tt made with Unity. I wanted to see how sooon you will respond to this ccomment. Oon a regular basis mmost of the timee I doon’t comment on games suuch as tthis, but this deserves hype. Maybe I can start a hype train?? (Look for the words with the double letters and find out my secret message)!