Procedural Canyon

The task: to create a level inspired on the Antelope Canyon.

The solution: to code a series of 3d points and generate a mesh with them.

The result:


In game footage of our version of the Antelope Canyon. No Global Illumination applied, textures using Substance Designer in Unity.



Recipe for a procedural Antelope Canyon.

1. Take a path, a spline will do.

2. Divide this path equally using a set of points.

3. Choose your values, height of the canyon, number of vertical steps.

4. For each point in your set define a direction, kind of upwards but with some lateral freedom. At the height of your vertical step place a new point following the direction defined. Store this point in a list per vertical step.

5. For each vertical step repeat #4.

6. Create a quad-surface with UVW map, set the vertexes using your current set of points (n)(n+1) and the next vertical step set of points(n)(n+1). Loop through all points and all vertical steps repeating this.

7. Weld and smooth your mesh.